About Berwyn School of Music

The Berwyn School of Music is a private music school serving the Oswestry area and is located in the centre of Oswestry at a dedicated teaching studio on Old Chapel Court, but also serves several schools in North Shropshire and Powys.

Founded in 2012, the Berwyn School of Music is the creation of Patrick Gough. At the start Patrick travelled by bike to the homes of just handful of private students, but the popularity of the service rapidly grew, now serving over 70 students from a dedicated private teaching studio and in schools.

The Berwyn School of Music is proud to be versatile. Students are encouraged to learn to read music and to learn classical technique on both piano and guitar, with many students excelling in ABRSM graded music exams. However there are many students who may instead elect to learn pop, rock and jazz, some who play for fun, others who are more serious.

Above all, every student is encouraged to play a lot of what they like. This is the ethos of The Berwyn School of Music – that students best learn music when play that which they love.

The School also organises many performance opportunities throughout the year including Concerts, Workshops, Lectures, Busking events, Gigs and Socials for starters. We believe that music is to be shared and is not just a teaching operation, but a thriving community that can be experienced at any of our events. Students and families are extremely supportive of each other and the music school, and for that we are very grateful and proud.

Patrick Gough


Patrick Gough is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist with a wide-ranging experience of different instruments and musical styles, at different times having played the viola, bassoon, french horn, clarinet, trombone, euphonium and drum-kit, achieving ABRSM/Trinity grades on the latter two.

Now Patrick teaches piano, guitar and singing as well as music theory and composition.

Vera van Heeringen
Vera van Heeringen

An early starter, raised in the acoustic music scene in her native Holland, Vera has long been recognised for her elegant yet gutsy guitar style – a skill which transposes to pretty much anything with strings!  A consummate guitarist, highly acclaimed by her contemporaries, she brings the instrument to life in way that is entirely her own.

As well as being a popular and highly regarded performer, Vera has garnered acclaim and respect in Shropshire and Powys as an instrumental tutor and now operates at Berwyn School of Music as well as in local schools.